Produced with the sun

The increase of “greenhouse gases”, generated  from the use of fossil carbon-based energy sources, is influencing climate change, provoking the so-called “hole in the ozone layer”, which increase earth temperatures and sea’s levels.

Producing “clean” energy from renewable sources, like the sun and the wind, is fundamental in order to reduce CO2 emissions.

In 2012, GRS commissioned  its  photovoltaic plant, located on the roofs of four site building consisting of solar panelss  occupying  a total surface area of 700 square meters.This  allowed GRS to generate its own energy from renewable “zero CO2 emission” origin, covering more than 12% of the site’s total energy requirement.

The photovoltaic plant guarantees an overall power of 93.84 Kwp with an average production of over 139,000 Kwh a year.

70 tons the reduction of CO2 emissions in a year

408 the photovoltaic panels installed

more than 123,727 KWh the photovoltaic energy produced in 2014 with respect to a total requirement of 772,723 KWh

12.4 % the amount of photovoltaic consumption compared to the total energy consumption in 2014.

A renewable, but not limitless source

The world’s water demand is rapidly increasing. Reducing waste and pollution is thus essential to maintain consumption in line with the ecosystem’s ability to regenerate the resource.

GRS contributes to this commitment by:

  • reducing the consumption of water used in production
  • treating the used water in order to return it to the environment perfectly clean

For productive activities, GRS uses less than 16 cubic meters of fresh water on a daily basis. Water used for production returns to the local water system after having been treated in the site’s ’s waste water treatment plant. The parameters of the discharged water are analysed daily in order to ensure compliance with discharge permit limits.

Outstanding chemistry guaranteed for the client and the end consumers

The GRS production plant has been UNI EN ISO 9001 certified since 2000.

Our commitment towards “total quality” includes  the tight control of all the production processes and strict QC control carried out on the finished products.

GRS realises activities and initiatives regarding safeguarding the environment through the Environmental Management System, the internal platform adopted by Italmatch Group for developing social responsibility policies.

Health and Safety first and foremost

Through Italmatch Group, GRS supports Responsible Care, a voluntary program sponsored by the worldwide chemical industries for the development and monitoring of new policies and initiatives to protect the health, and safety of workers, and to insure environmental protection practices.

Today, the program has been adopted by more than 10,000 chemical companies in more than 50 countries around the world.