The manufacturing site in Qualiano was established in 1975, under the property and with the name of MISAN CHIMICA S.p.A., a company that soon became a leader in production of fuel additives and polymers for water and process water treatment


In 1985, in partnership with the multinational manufacturing company Cytec, MISAN CHIMICA S.p.A. built the first polymerization plant for the manufacturing of High Molecular Weight water-in-oil polyacrylamide based polymers  (Dpt. Polymers 1)


MISAN CHIMICA S.p.A. was taken over by the American multinational BetzDearborn and the Qualiano site became a BetzDearborn  worldwide polymer synthesis and R&D center


BetzDearborn was acquired by the HERCULES Group that decided to close the Qualiano plant  as part of European reorganization initiave in November 1999


The Qualiano site was purchased by two former Executive managers of MISAN CHIMICA S.p.A. who founded GRS CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIES and re-started production in January 2000


In December 2014, GRS CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGIES was acquired  by Italmatch Chemicals S.p.A., a global  specialty chemicals producer that, financially backed supported  by the Ardian Investment Fund, aims to develop and strengthen its global presence in specialty chemical businesses, ie in the Industrial Water & process Treatment markets