Global vision, sustainable approach

Italmatch Chemicals is a Global Specialty Chemical Group and international leader in the production of Phosphorus Derivates (both Organic and Inorganic), Polymers, Esters and Chlorides, from Synthetic to fully natural products, for the Lubricant, Water & Oil, Detergents, Plastics Additives sectors.

Present in 12 countries over 3 continents, Italmatch is the star of a new model of outstanding, sustainable chemistry through the synergy between a strategic global vision and the ability to interpret the needs of local markets.

Where We Are

10 Manufacturing plants

470 Group employees (including JVs)

16 languages

35% generation Y

<over 3,000 suppliers and partners

more than 2,000 clients

160,000 tons in annual production

A strategic core business

Part of Italmatch Chemical Group since 2014, specialist GRS Chemical Technologies designs and creates innovative products and high technology, in particular for the water treatment industry, as well as other strategic sectors in which the Group works.

GRS Chemical Technologies’s core business is the production of:

  • emulsion polymers and polymer solutions,
  • resins
  • flakes
  • additives for paper production
  • anti-foaming agents
  • dispersants
  • additives for combustion

used in the water treatment, petrochemical,

coal, personal care product, and paper industries.

In addition to direct distribution to end clients, GRS realises the Dequest product range, under the Group brand specialised in the Water and Oil Management sector.

In synergy with Italmatch Group’s business model, GRS is developing its constant commitment to quality and social responsibility, via certification and investments for the reduction of environmental impact of productive activities

23,000 MQ. the total surface area of the Naples establishment

33 employees

2 polymer production lines with more than 15,000 tons/year of polymer productive capacity

1 blending production line with more than 10,000 tons/year capacity

1 combustion additive line with more than 4,500 tons/year productive line capacity

Tailor-made products and technologies

GRS Chemical Technologies’s fundamental added value is its Research & Development work and its expertise in designing and creating “turnkey”  products which are completely personalised to client needs.

The laboratory in the Naples productive site is a point of reference for the development of new products, in partnership with clients. All through process phases are managed via outsourcing: from the strategic and design approach to the evaluation of the commercial aspects, from the laboratory tests to the industrial-scale production.